b. 1994 (Maastricht, NL) profile   - research platform


2020-2022 BA Hons Fine Art Photography (First Class), The Glasgow School of Art

2017-2020 Fine Arts, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Kunst und Medien, prof. Constanze Ruhm)

2015-2016 Film Directing, Sarajevo Film Academy (film.factory)

past and upcoming film showings, exhibitions and residencies

June 1 – 12 2022 Undergraduate Degree Show

The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (UK)

November 1 - 15 2020 Schrijvers in Sluis

Writing residency, Oostburg (NL)

September 5 - November 15 2020 Limburg Biënnale

Marres, Maastricht (NL)

October 9 - 24 2020 1 Euro Cinema

Telemagic X JUJULOVE @ Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL)

March 2020: Tectonic Breaths @ aCinema, Milwaukee, WI (USA)

November 2019: It’s About Time to Start (two films by Kaya Erdinç) @ Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam (NL)


loud hand / 02’35 / 2022

silent, minor, grave / 01’30 / 2022

Gossamer / 06′01 / 2021

what doesn’t neglect the home makes it dance / 08′56 / 2019

Thank you, Mother! / 17'03 / 2018

It’s about: Time // to star(t) / 65′00 / 2017 (film + text)

Een ansicht van Duras / 5′50 / 2017 (film + text made for Perdu)

The Exfoliation of a Cinephilic Eye / 02′39 / 2015


kiemrust (PAND’s De Blauwe Heerlenaar #1, November 2022)

loud hand (34 pages, self-published, June 2022)

silent, minor, grave (ASPHALTE Magazine, May 2022)

Eenzaamheidsspiraal (Podcast Gloei, December 2021)

Twaalf erkenningen van personen en plekken die ik koester (Vuurland, November 2021)

‘‘Die ganze Welt in einem Film!’‘ (Tijdschrift Terras, #19 ‘Naar water’, November 2020)

wat ’t thoes neet verwaarloes, laot ’t danse (translation and subtitling of what doesn’t neglect the home makes it dance from English to the Maastrichtian dialect, thanks to Jules Ortjens, September 2020)

Geborgenheid (a poem written in response to Asta Nielsen from Paul van Ostaijen’s book of poems De Bezette Stad, deBuren, August 2020)

Every film screening, its own kind of love affair: Kaya Erdinç reviews Masha Tupitsyn’s ‘Picture Cycle’ (MAP Magazine, June 2020)

To sift oneself through a very particular patch of soil (written in English, translated to Dutch, with Isobel O'Donovan, De Internet Gids, April 2020)

Changement de décor (De Internet Gids, October 2018)

Jeunes écrivains, anciennes œuvres : Kaya Erdinç donne vie à deux fragments d’os (Ons Erfdeel, October 2018)

BFAMF 18: The Politically Childish and Why it Should Be Allowed to Matter (Jugend ohne Film, October 2018)

Saying ‘’No!’’ to The Hasty Wrap-Up: Ute Aurand & Robert Beavers (unpublished, October 2018)

Stukjes been: Gemurmel in de vitrine (deBuren, Maand van de Geschiedenis en beluisterbaar op de website van de VPRO als onderdeel van het programma Nooit Meer Slapen, September 2018)

Listening a Film (Filmögon #3, September 2018)

On the Lived Experience of a Deeply-Troubled Cannibal (one-time zine: Thanks I will check into that, do you or can you point out a starting point where to look?, for the occasion of Bernardo Zanotta’s first solo show Make Room! Make Room! in Nieuwe Vide, March 2018)

Doc’s Kingdom 2017: Flat surfaces and the deepest of pits (Jugend ohne Film, November 2017)

Plaatsvervangende schaamte #2 (rekto:verso, July 2017)

Plaatsvervangende schaamte #1 (rekto:verso, June 2017)

Over een vorm van tijd die zichzelf niet maakt (self-published, for the occasion of a private showing of It’s about: Time // to star(t), June 2017)

On the time-full practice of being care-full (Jugend ohne Film, May 2017)

Perceptible layers of friendship, or when only adults are capable of play (Jugend ohne Film, March 2017)

Een ansicht van Duras (Perdu, February 2017)

Holes Exist in Every Single Tree (Jugend ohne Film, December 2016)

A dream full of friends (Festivalists, November 2016)

(W)all of the Lights (Jugend ohne Film, October 2016)

Does it matter with whom we watch our most formative films? (Jugend ohne Film, August 2016)

A constant flux of propositions of things (to possibly take for granted) (Jugend ohne Film, August 2016)

COURTISANE 2016 (1): CONSTRUYENDO BLOQUES / COCINANDO NARRATIVAS FESTIVALERAS (Revista Lumière, July 2016 - translated to Spanish by Francisco Algarín Navarro)

To open the floodgates (in abundance of thought) (Jugend ohne Film, June 2016)

Courtisane 2016: Building blocks / cooking up festival narratives (Jugend ohne Film, April 2016)

Filmauteur ben je, of zal je nooit worden (mits er niets anders opzit) (Woordwerk: verenigingsblad Vereniging Literaire Activiteiten Maastricht, March 2016)

It Takes One to Know One: Experiencing Khavn de La Cruz’s 13-Hour “Simulacrum Tremendum” (MUBI Notebook, March 2016)

45. Rotterdam Film Festivali - Deneyselle Dans (Altyazi Dergisi, January 2016 - translated to Turkish by Duygy Dölek)

Re-viewing / re-imagining cinema (Festivalists, January 2016)

When some of the youngest belong to the most old-fashioned (Festivalists, December 2015)

Soaking up or sinking in (Festivalists, November 2015)

In Memoriam: Chantal Akerman (Pravo Ljudski festival newsletter, November 2015)

25 FPS Festivali - Zagreb’de Deneysel Filmler (Altyazi Dergisi, November 2015 - translated to Turkish by Duygy Dölek)

Hou Hsiao-Hsien: Sinemanın Yaşama En Benzer Hâli / Hou Hsiao-Hsien: cinema at its most lifelike (Altyazi Dergisi, July 2015 + February 2016 - translated to Turkish by Aslı Özgen Tuncer)

Infiltreren bij de VLAM (Woordwerk: verenigingsblad Vereniging Literaire Activiteiten Maastricht, March 2015)

Işığın Peşinden/Aynanin İçinden: Sinema Sığınağı (Altyazi Dergisi, March 2015 - translated to Turkish by Burak Çevik)

Wat definieert een meesterwerk? Deel 2 – Il Conformista (ThePostOnline, February 2013)

Wat definieert een meesterwerk? (ThePostOnline, January 2013)


Some Rare Instructions for Keeping Cinema on a Leech (chapbook, only on request, April 2017)


How are we going to keep it local? - an environmental reading group (with Isobel O'Donovan, Woodlands Community, Glasgow)

film programming

Salon van de Ciné-Amateurs: Experimentele film uit Joegoslavië - curated with Petra Belc (Kunsthal Gent X ArtCinema OFFoff, Ghent, May 2019)

AWL_021 – Love Sounds by Masha Tupitsyn: A film that lets us close our eyes (Filmhaus WORM, Rotterdam, November 2017)

films introduced

I Don’t Belong Anywhere - The Cinema Of Chantal Akerman, directed by Marianne Lambert (Lumière Cinema, Maastricht, October 2016)

88:88, directed by Isiah Medina (Filmhaus WORM, Rotterdam, September 2016) [co-organized Dutch premiere]

epistemological interventions

🎤: I CAN BOOGIE, BOOGIE BOOGIE ! (intervention performed through a remixed sentence from Alexander Kluge’s Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: ratlos with Katrin Erthel / Tabea Nixdorff, Post-truth fiction #1, Arnhem, June 2017)


2019 - Luke Fowler (Glasgow)


GSA Essay Prize 2022 - Teresa and Marguerite: Finally Together in Ávila?

other projects i was involved in / initiated

FOL Sinema Topluluğu / Kuçuk Sinemalar / Jodie Mack’s The Grand Bizarre (brief assistantship) / Senses of Cinema World Poll: 2016, 2017, 2018 / A Male Gazing Through A Woman’s Lens / Frans van de Staak Appreciation Society / Oberhausen Seminar 2018 / deBuren Schrijfresidentie Parijs – Lichting 2018 / AWL_027: FIELD RECORDINGS / FIELD RECORDINGS #2 / Intruders at the Window – Woche der Kritik 2020 + ‘‘Kaya Erdinç is typing…’‘